Combat Robots by NorthwesTel: Rules

Thank you to NorthwesTel for sponsoring our combat robot arena at Maker Faire Yukon!

The Combat Robot Arena will be run according to SPARC standards. These are designed to make the tournaments safe, fair and exciting all at the same time. 

Here are links to the SPARC rules, specs, and guidelines.  Keep scrolling below for commonly asked rule questions and any rules differing from the SPARC Standards.

SPARC Robot Construction Specifications (How to build)
SPARC Tournament Procedures (How to compete)
SPARC Match Rules (How to fight)
SPARC Judging Guidelines (How to win!)

Here are some of the rules we get asked about a lot:

  • Combat robots come in many shapes and sizes, but the only legal weight class at Maker Faire Yukon will be Ant Weight, which is a maximum of 1lb per robot.
  • No fire or explosive weapons, liquid, radio jamming.
  • “Toy radios” are only allowed for non-weaponed bots.
  • Your bot must have a visible weapon locking device, which is taken out after the bot is powered up.
  • Internal Combustion Engines (ICE) are not allowed.
  • A double knockout / double pushout will restart both bots in their corners on their wheels.  (No repairs may be made.)

All participants will be required to sign liability forms. Youth 18 and under must have a guardian sign for them.